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Note from Sheri

Although I am no longer working directly with clients, I will continue to offer all of my online assessments, courses and workbooks to help you all along your way.  So much can be done to help you in your personal life and in your relationship from these resources ALONE.  My role in working directly with you helped to teach all of what I offer here.  Self-study and online work is, and has always been, extremely foundational to any in-person sessions that were offered. 

I believe in YOU and your ability to make the changes you want in your life and relationship.  

Much Love,

XOXO Sheri


SHIFT Assessment

This online assessment is called the "SHIFT Assessment", an Energy Leadership Index Assessment.  It measures your conscious and subconscious thought patterns, habits, perceptions and belief systems.  You will receive a report displaying your "thought energy" in 7 levels which looks something like the bar chart pictured here.  You will then have a series of videos, along with a few more questions, which explain the report, the basics of catabolic and anabolic energy and the differences between the top and bottom charts.

Through the series of audio lessons, you will learn, in detail, how to understand each level and how they are affecting your life (including your relationships). This will be the foundation of your individual self-work and will help you build developmental possibilities based off of the results.

As you continue on to the other steps (Communication and Couples Work) you will be able to identify catabolic phrases and thoughts that may not be serving you and learn how to shift through the steps to a higher level of thinking AND a higher level of intimacy in your relationship(s).  


Effective ConversationsLOGO.png

Follow this easy and structured system to STOP the arguing, dismissal and feeling frustrated and to START easily resolving reoccurring conflicts and creating intimacy. 

This self study eCourse is designed to teach you from top to bottom - a 10 step method to have effective conversations.

Finally move your relationship back to more peace, understanding and enjoying each other again. 


Couple's Work

*Excuse the Mess*
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Meet Sheri

Meet Sheri Maass

We are all beautiful and powerful inside and life gives opportunities for us to either show that power and beauty or shove it way down deep inside.  Every day is a choice to live our lives the way it was intended to –  full of joy, passion and love!


One of the biggest lessons in life is to become fully aware of who you truly are - not what  everyone has told you you are - not what society wants you to be - but YOUR TRUE ESSENCE of who you are. Conscious awareness is the first step towards changing anything in your life and relationships.  Once we are aware of who we really are - we can really start to fall in love with ourselves. 

As the founder of Sheri Maass, LOVE Coach / Internal Sunshine Coaching, more than 15 years of professional experience I have had the opportunity to observe and experience a myriad of relationship difficulties and challenges and help individuals and couples tap into their inner power, regain their self love and create a life they only imagined.

I received Professional training and Certification in Relationship and Couples Coaching, as well as a Master Practitioner certification in the Energy Leadership Index® from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (“iPEC”).  I also hold a Bachelor's in Business & Management and a degree in Adult Education through Alverno College.

Above all else, I truly care about you, your success and your fulfillment.  My purpose as your coach is to remind you of what you already know and to support you in taking inspired action.  My greatest source of pleasure is witnessing your visions become your reality in life and love. 

Learn more about Sheri and how she works with clients through this Radio Interview with James Kademen on Authentic Business Adventures.

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I am grateful that we had your help before this pandemic.  I can't imagine being my old self (mostly catabolic) and being Safe at Home with someone that I struggle getting along with.  ...  We have been going for walks almost every day, and I have been on my bike a lot this spring.  

Life has slowed down and that feels okay.


—  Anonymous

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