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SHIFT Assessment

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This online assessment is called the "SHIFT Assessment", an Energy Leadership Index Assessment. It measures your conscious and subconscious thought patterns, habits, perceptions and belief systems.  You will receive a report displaying your "thought energy" in 7 levels which looks something like the bar chart pictured here.  You will then have a series of videos, along with a few more questions, which explain the report, the basics of catabolic and anabolic energy and the differences between the top and bottom charts.

Through the series of audio lessons, you will learn, in detail, how to understand each level and how they are affecting your life (including your relationships). This will be the foundation of your individual self-work and will help you build developmental possibilities based off of the results.

As you continue on to the other steps (Communication and Couples Work) you will be able to identify catabolic phrases and thoughts that may not be serving you and learn how to shift through the steps to a higher level of thinking AND a higher level of intimacy in your relationship(s).  

ENERGY LEADERSHIP™ is made up of 3 BASIC Things:



This is the most significant piece to measure. Your awareness of who you are – at the core, how you think, how you act and how you react to the world around you and, in turn, how the world acts and reacts to you.

Checking Text on a Document

This paper shows clients who worked with Core Energy Coaches, “a significant number increased their income, received promotions, and felt more financially successful. They also had a greater sense of overall life satisfaction that extended beyond monetary gain.”

Core Energy Research

Click the Title above to see research that demonstrates the quantitative value of Core Energy Coaching.

The data, gathered from people who took the ELI before and after working with a coach, shows some really powerful findings:

  • Core Energy Coaching decreased catabolic energy from 68% to 59% while under stress and increased anabolic energy from 32% to 41%

  • Clients experienced a statistically significant increase in ARL

  • And as you might expect, people reported higher levels of life satisfaction across the board, in 14 distinct areas, from financial success to engagement at work, personal freedom, intimate relationships, and beyond


Sheri Maass is a Master Practitioner  in the Energy Leadership Index® from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (“iPEC”)

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