Assessment Process

Every program starts with an extensive Assessment Process.  Each person receives an online assessment called the "Foundation Evaluation Energy Leadership Index" or "FEELi". This assessment measures your conscious and subconscious thought patterns, habits, perceptions and belief systems.  You will receive a report displaying your "thought energy" in 7 levels which looks something like the picture to the left.  You will then have a series of videos, along with a few more questions, which explain the report, the basics of catabolic and anabolic energy and the differences between the two charts.

In our first session together, we will go over your report in detail to help you understand each level and how they are affecting your life (including your relationships). We will also start to develop your customized program including developmental possibilities based off of the results.

You will receive a "cheat sheet" magnet showing each of the levels for quick reference when you are at home or at the office.  

During many of our sessions I will identify catabolic phrases and thoughts that may not be serving you and teach you how to shift through the steps to a higher level of thinking.  

More money, promotions, and more life and financial satisfaction

This paper shows clients who worked with Core Energy Coaches, “a significant number increased their income, received promotions, and felt more financially successful. They also had a greater sense of overall life satisfaction that extended beyond monetary gain.”

ENERGY LEADERSHIP™ is made up of 3 BASIC Things:



This is not only how well you can lead and motivate Others, but also your potential to lead and motivate Yourself!  


(This is how you get more done!)

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