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I am grateful that we had your help before this pandemic.  I can't imagine being my old self (mostly catabolic) and being Safe at Home with someone that I struggle getting along with.  ...  We have been going for walks almost every day, and I have been on my bike a lot this spring.  

Life has slowed down and that feels okay.


—  Anonymous

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Follow this easy and structured system to STOP the arguing, dismissal and feeling frustrated and to START easily resolving reoccurring conflicts and creating intimacy. 

This self study eCourse is designed to teach you from top to bottom - a 10 step method to have effective conversations.

Finally move your relationship back to more peace, understanding and enjoying each other again. 

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Whether you are in relationship, married, engaged or separated, these sessions will help you uncover the root causes of any problems and teach you practical ways to effectively solve them.

A relationship is only as healthy as the individuals who comprise it. While learning to communicate, respond, react and understand each other is important in a relationship, this can only be accomplished after first working on, understanding and loving yourself. That is why all couples' programs are a combination of sessions working with each individual separately as well as couple's sessions together.  

Assessment Process

Every program starts with an extensive Assessment Process.  Each person receives an online assessment called the "Foundation Evaluation Energy Leadership Index" or "FEELi". This assessment measures your conscious and subconscious thought patterns, habits, perceptions and belief systems.  You will receive a report displaying your "thought energy" in 7 levels which looks something like the bar chart shown.  You will then have a series of videos, along with a few more questions, which explain the report, the basics of catabolic and anabolic energy and the differences between the two charts.

In our first session together, we will go over your report in detail to help you understand each level and how they are affecting your life (including your relationships). We will also start to develop your customized program including developmental possibilities based off of the results.

You will receive a "cheat sheet" magnet showing each of the levels for quick reference when you are at home or at the office.  

During many of our sessions I will identify catabolic phrases and thoughts that may not be serving you and teach you how to shift through the steps to a higher level of thinking.  

ENERGY LEADERSHIP™ is made up of 3 BASIC Things:



This is the most significant piece to measure. Your awareness of who you are – at the core, how you think, how you act and how you react to the world around you and, in turn, how the world acts and reacts to you.

Meet Sheri

New Clients


Finding the right “fit” is very important.  A discovery session is always recommended for New Clients who want to explore more about sessions and to see if we are the right fit to work together. 

This initial session will answer any questions you have, provide an opportunity to get to know each other better and offer program recommendations.  In many cases, we may even be able to work through some challenges you are having right away.


Meet Sheri Maass

We are all beautiful and powerful inside and life gives opportunities for us to either show that power and beauty or shove it way down deep inside.  Every day is a choice to live our lives the way it was intended to –  full of joy, passion and love!


One of the biggest lessons in life is to become fully aware of who you truly are - not what  everyone has told you you are - not what society wants you to be - but YOUR TRUE ESSENCE of who you are. Conscious awareness is the first step towards changing anything in your life and relationships.  Once we are aware of who we really are - we can really start to fall in love with ourselves. 

As the founder of Sheri Maass, LOVE Coach / Internal Sunshine Coaching, more than 12 years of professional experience I have had the opportunity to observe and experience a myriad of relationship difficulties and challenges and help individuals and couples tap into their inner power, regain their self love and create a life they only imagined.

I received Professional training and Certification in Relationship and Couples Coaching, as well as a Master Practitioner certification in the Energy Leadership Index® from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (“iPEC”).  I also hold a Bachelor's in Business & Management and a degree in Adult Education through Alverno College.

Above all else, I truly care about you, your success and your fulfillment.  My purpose as your coach is to remind you of what you already know and to support you in taking inspired action.  My greatest source of pleasure is witnessing your visions become your reality in life and love. 

Learn more about Sheri and how she works with clients through this Radio Interview with James Kademen on Authentic Business Adventures.

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eCourses & Group Programs


Private Coaching Programs

Every person and couple is unique and their program will be designed to CUSTOM FIT their needs.  All programs start with an extensive assessment process  - most of which will be completed by you each individually at home.  We will then have your FEELi assessment review (together as a couple), followed by an individual session for each of you the following week. Each session is 45-60 minutes in length and set up approximately 5-7 days apart.  We will usually have a "rest" week once every 4 weeks or so.  This is to allow what you've learned to "sink in" and really start applying it to your daily life.  Most programs will have more individual sessions in the beginning and more couple's sessions towards the end of the program.  Again - all of this is customized based on the assessed needs of each couple. 

Every Program includes a Foundation Evaluation - Energy Leadership Index "FEELi" (an extensive online ASSESSMENT –$600 value) for each person. Please see the ASSESSMENT PROCESS page for more information. Assessments must be completed before regular sessions can ensue.

Also included in each program is the Effective Conversations® 10 Step Method eCourse.

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Private Programs
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