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Services for Couples

Loving Couple

A relationship is only as healthy as the individuals who comprise it.  While learning to communicate, respond, react and understand each other is important in a relationship,

this can only be accomplished after first working on, understanding and loving yourself. That is why all private couples' programs are a combination of working with each individual separately as well as the couple together.

30 Day Relationship Transformation Program <-- Limited Participation
Remove Stress & Increase Intimacy
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Effective Conversations Couple's Course


“Hi Sheri – After our last session, I wanted to thank you for literally saving our marriage! I was already researching divorce attorneys and mediation options before our last meeting with you. I know that we have a long way to go to be happy together long-term, but the progress we’ve made as a couple is amazing to me.”


“Sheri is amazing! I love the structure of her approach. I feel like there’s focus and defined outcomes and a timeline and we’re making progress already and looking forward to more!”

-anonymous Review via Appointy

PRIVATE One-on-One Sessions (SOLD OUT)
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Every person and couple is unique and their program will be designed to CUSTOM FIT their needs.  All programs start with an extensive assessment process  - most of which will be completed by you each individually at home.  We will then have your FEELi assessment review (together as a couple), followed by an individual session for each of you the following week. Each session is 45-60 minutes in length and set up approximately 5-7 days apart.  We will usually have a "rest" week once every 4 weeks or so.  This is to allow what you've learned to "sink in" and really start applying it to your daily life.  Most programs will have more individual sessions in the beginning and more couple's sessions towards the end of the program.  Again - all of this is customized based on the assessed needs of each couple. 


Every Program includes a Foundation Evaluation - Energy Leadership Index "FEELi" (an extensive online ASSESSMENT –$600 value) for each person. Please see the ASSESSMENT PROCESS page for more information. Assessments must be completed before regular sessions can ensue.

Also included in each program is the Effective Conversations® 10 Step Method eCourse.

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Assessments must be completed before regular sessions can ensue. eCourse must be completed early in the program.

Courses & Group Programs


FAQ regarding Couples Programs:

Q:  What happens to our program if we decide we no longer want to work on our marriage and separation is the best option for us?

A: We will redesign your program to be split into 2 individual programs at no extra cost and the remainder of your hours will be split up equally into those programs.

Q: We are looking for a Couples Coaching program – can only one person in the relationship come in for the discovery session or do you need both to be present?

A: It is recommended that BOTH members of the relationship come in for the discovery session. Recommendations for the correct program for you requires me to meet both of you.

Other FAQ

Free Help Videos

All coaching sessions and programs, and FEELi online assessments are non-refundable. 

Payment plans are through PayPal.  Payments are agreed to be made each month in succession via Paypal subscription for the number months chosen in payment plan. 

PayPal payment information (i.e., credit card expiration dates, etc) must remain current via PayPal so that payments will be deducted in a timely manner.

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