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✔ Easy DAILY tracking for your Food, Meals, Calories, Fat, Carbs, Protein, Hydration AND SLEEP
✔ WEEKLY PLANNER: Plan and Track your weekly habits (as defined by you and for your needs)
✔ EASY START: Measure your starting point and what your potential hurdles/blocks may be
✔ STATS TRACKER: Track your measurements throughout the weeks
✔ SET and track your OWN GOALS. You decide what you want to work on – suggestions provided
✔ LEVEL UP: As you create new habits – Change or “Level-up” to your next customizable challenge
✔ DIET & NUTRITION: Valuable information and suggestions to help you design goals that are reasonable and right for your own journey.
✔ MOVEMENT & EXERCISE: Customize a plan that works for YOU and your lifestyle.
✔ HYDRATION: 7 Ways to Stay Hydrated. Track and be reminded to stay hydrated throughout your day.
✔ SPIRITUAL / SOUL WORK: Set and Track your goals for daily Inner Work. This is KEY to helping stay balanced and on track to achieve all your goals.
✔ DAILY tracking of your goals set for Nutrition, Movement, Soul Work
✔ Evaluate and Rate yourself DAILY on how well you did and WHAT WENT WELL.
✔ MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES TODAY! Undated daily nutrition/movement journals for tracking. Set your goals & track your progress over 90 days.
✔ Weight loss journal and planner to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
✔ Progress check-ins and continued motivation (at week 3, 8 & Last Stretch)
✔ Motivational quotes and Encouragement
✔ Convenient Size: 6"x9" design - Fits in your purse!

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