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  • Do you accept Insurance?
    I do not accept insurance, employee benefit plans or medi-care. However, you may be able to submit your out of pocket expenses to your FSA or HSA plan for reimbursement. Please check with your plan administer to see if they reimburse for mental health out of pocket expenses. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully.
  • What is the cost of your programs?
    All program pricing is listed in membervault HERE
  • Are you offering Video/Tele Sessions?
    Yes - at this time all sessions are via Video/Phone.
  • What are your office hours?
    Please see CONTACT PAGE.
  • What is the best way to see if your programs will work for me/us?
    Fill out the contact form for the current group program and we'll send you discovery questions to see if you qualify.
  • (For Couples): Can only one person in the relationship come in for the discovery session or do you need both to be present?
    It is recommended that BOTH members of the relationship come in for the discovery session. Recommendations for the correct program for you requires me to meet both of you.
  • Are you a Sex Therapist?
    Although we may discuss sex from time to time - we do not get into the specifics as sex therapy does. We will focus more on intimacy / connection and bond. Please see Recommendations for specialists in this area.
  • Can we bring children to the sessions?
    While although there are times when nursing mothers need to bring their infants to sessions - it is important for children to not attend sessions with their parents. Given the sensitive nature of our discussions, most sessions will not be fit for children. Please always contact me first before you bringing children with.
  • Do you have an Professional or Book Recommendations?
    I sure do! Click here for recommendations.
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