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Ask the Love Coach

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Do you have questions about love and relationships? It's easy to turn to our friends, family, articles and even the media to get ideas, perspectives and hopefully some answers. The thing is... although, we have so many resources - are any of them an expert in what YOU are going through? Usually not.

Now's your chance to ask the Love Coach any questions you have about love, life and relationships! If your question is picked - it will be answered right here on this page for you and others to benefit from.

Here's How:

Please use our form on the ASK the LOVE Coach page.

Fill in your First Name with your State (feel free to add your last initial and city/country if you would like it displayed) - along with 2 sentence background of your situation followed by your specific question.

  • First Name & State

  • 2-3 Sentences regarding your situation (Relationship status, length, etc)

  • Your specific question.

Is it anonymous?

Yes - you are safe. No one needs to know who you are but sometimes a first name and location is helpful for others to know you are a reasons.

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