Poster Board Activity

For those who have been assigned this activity

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: (please refer to your specific instructions given during your session.)

  1.  Get a Big Poster Board and markers 

  2. Hang it in a place that is private enough that visitors and children wont see - but also in a place you will see every day. (I recommend a walk-in closet or private bathroom)

  3. Across the top of the poster write "What I Love about You" as the title.

  4. Draw a line down the middle of the poster. 

  5. Add Your name at the top of one column and your partner's name on the other side.

  6. Every day you each write at least one thing you love about the other persons.

    • BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE and USE EXAMPLES - meaning do not use generic terms such as "You are Kind" - instead say "I love how kind you were to the lady in the checkout lane yesterday"​

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