INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS and programs are for those who are single and looking for love, or someone having challenges in a current relationship, or those who are separated/divorced and ready to move forward in life and love.


The sessions for individuals are designed to help you become aware of who you are, what you want (and don't want), and how to get it.  The core goal of these sessions is to get back to Loving yourself for the true uniqueness you offer this world.

All programs are customized to meet each individual's needs.  In general, however, after the assessment process, regular sessions are 45-60 minutes in length, once per week for 3 - 4 weeks sequentially.  Followed by a "rest and application week" to take all you have learned and apply it to your life - and repeat.  

Every Program includes an extensive assessment process which includes a Foundation Evaluation (an online assessment = $300 value) to measure your energetic makeup.  This will allow us to effectively uncover blocks, limiting beliefs and other destructive thought-patterns which are holding you back from the love you desire.  For more information on the assessment process - how it works and what you will receive - CLICK HERE.

PAY Per SESSION - Individuals
PROGRAMS - Individuals

All coaching sessions, and FEELi online assessments are non-refundable. All sessions purchased can be “banked” to be used at anytime in the future and never expire.

Payment plan for programs available upon request (3-6mo increments). First Payment required upon signing Coaching Agreement.  Payment plan is through PayPal.  Payment(s) should be made payable to Sheri Maass, via PayPal.  If monthly payment arrangements payments are agreed to be made each month in succession via Paypal subscription for the number months chosen in payment plan.  PayPal payment information (i.e., credit card expiration dates,etc) must remain current via PayPal so that payments will be deducted in a timely manner.


“I walked away from my first session a bit lighter. We have a long way to go but I truly feel I am in the right place.”

-anonymous Review via Appointy

“Sheri is amazing! I love the structure of her approach. I feel like there’s focus and defined outcomes and a timeline and we’re making progress already and looking forward to more!”

-anonymous Review via Appointy

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The service to be provided is coaching, which is not advice, therapy, or counseling

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